Name that road

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Information
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Washington (D.C.) Examiner staff writer Liz Essley wrote an article that caught my eye:

“Virginia may allow corporations to name roads, bridges for cash”

My question: Why haven’t they brought that idea to the table in Pennsylvania? Or if they have, why isn’t it bringing in money at this very moment?

Sure, a lot of Pennsylvania roads, bridges and interchanges are named for war heroes, politicians and other historical figures. For example, in Washington County (where I work) are the Barry Stout Expressway, also known as Route 43 of the Pennsylvania Turnpike system, for the state senator who helped get it built; the Farrell Jackson interchange off Interstate 79, for a former county coroner; and another interchange named for Walter Joseph Marm Jr. (pictured), a Medal of Honor recipient from the city of Washington.

We certainly wouldn’t want to change that last one.

But there are plenty of other stretches of asphalt that could lend themselves to naming rights. And there probably are plenty of corporations that would jump at the opportunity, given their proclivity to pay for their names on sporting venues and the like.

I can’t wait to drive on PNC Place or Consol Energy Boulevard. Better their contributions to the state coffers than mine.

  1. Brian Foltz says:

    Ooh! Corporate tie-ins to particular route numbers! Alas there’s no state route 57 for Heinz Co. to sponsor, but there is a Rt. 666 in Warren and Forest Counties (one leg of the infamous Russell-to-IUP journey). As kids it was always a cue to pop AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” into the 8-track. Isn’t there some company associated with Hell or Satan (besides Highmark) that would be interested? How about Heluva Good dips?

  2. Reese says:

    Could we rename Exit O? Perhaps ‘The Exit Formerly Known As 0’