Revolving Jones

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Music
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Like the great Moby Grape, we’re the punch line to a joke.

Our band name, that is. Come see us, and we’ll probably tell it.

OK, about Revolving Jones:

Ray Margiotta has been playing guitar in bands since the ’70s, when he was growing up on Long Island. He’s the guitarist for the Four Townsmen Show Band, built around the vocal group that started in Canonsburg, PA, way back in 1959. (Ray wasn’t with them at the point, as he was a toddler.)

Rich Held also has been playing in bands since the ’70s, with his bass the chosen instrument. A native of New Jersey and a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, he has a keen musical sense and gets the most out of his fellow Jonesians.

Rob Green decided about a decade ago that he’d like to pursue his lifelong dream of playing drums in a band. He put together a group, the Basements, with Ray to play the type of music they grew up with in the ’60s and ’70s. Rob’s a native of the Buffalo area and is a recently retired MD.

Harry Funk (yours truly) is a self-taught guitarist whose dream also was to play in a band. He (me) joined the Basements as a bass player and later teamed with Rob and Rich as guitarist in that band’s successor, the Cellar Dwellars. When Ray rejoined, that’s when Revolving Jones was born.

Ray and Harry also have an acoustic duet, the Notorious Flying Chipotle Bros., that has entertained at Peters Township (PA) Community Day, the Canonsburg Oktoberfest and the Main Street Farmers’ Market in Washington, PA, and has opened for Jinx, a band that plays classic rock like nobody’s business. (Guitarist Barry Koehler … well, let’s just say you HAVE to see him in action!)

As for the Revolving Jones joke … we’ll tell ya in person.


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