Reboot: Exit0.0

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Anecdote

OK, I knew Steve Earle released an album called “Exit 0.” And I was well aware that Cape May, N.J., is home to Exit 0 of the Garden State Parkway.

But I had no idea that Exit Zero has become a mini-cottage industry down there at the beach, until my recent vacation. What with magazine publications, a couple of stores and sponsorship of a musical festival, among other pursuits, that name has been put to much better use than appearing on some random guy’s blog.

And so I’ve come up with a new title, with a nod to “National Lampoon’s Animal House,” of course. Plus I haven’t touched the blog for months because of other obligations, so it’s time to start over, I guess.

It’s also time to resume the list of my favorite albums. I made it 61 percent of the way through before the hiatus, which wasn’t bad, but I did promise a hundred. That being said, I compiled the list back in the spring and have probably changed my mind about some entries in the meantime. But what the heck. If I feel like making a revision, I will. And you won’t even know it …


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