That’s my “take me seriously face.” I don’t use it very much.
Name: Harry L. Funk. No, I didn’t make that up. My parents did.

Location: Suburban Pittsburgh. (I don’t need the “PA” part. There are other Pittsburgs, but no others that are pretentious enough to tack on that “h” at the end.)

Age: Late Boomer/Early Gen-X … they keep changing the demographic.

Interests: Sports, music, beer, the occasional social commentary

Marital status: Working on 30 years!!! (That’s one exclamation point per decade!)

Education: Yes

Vocation: Disseminator of information (used to be a “journalist,” not sure exactly what that entails anymore)

Avocation: I like to play guitar. I’m not sure that anyone else likes me playing guitar. I guess the guys who put up with me in Revolving Jones do.

Band: Revolving Jones, featuring Revolving Ray Margiotta, lead guitar & vocals; Revolving Rich Held, bass & vocals; Dr. Revolving Rob Green, drums; and Harry L. Funk (yeah, real name) strumming a Telecaster and croaking into a microphone

About our band: Classic rock. Yeah, I know, but I’m the youngest guy in it …

Gigs: Hey, we’re available!

About this blog: This is like the 10th time I’ve tried this. The most successful attempts were about baseball and classic rock. I think I’ve developed some other interests since then (beer, for example … not that I wasn’t always interested in beer since turning “21”).

Why “ExitZero”? It’s the first place you go, or the last place you leave, depending on your perspective. Or maybe it’s your ultimate destination! (For your sake, I sure hope not.)

Why should you read this? I know. There are approximately 492 billion things on the Internet, a few of which are not X-rated. You could do worse. I’ve been an editor for 25 years, so I at least know how to spell.

Contact information: I’m on a Twitter binge, so let’s go with @harryLfunk

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