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Most of the bands that were popular in the ’60s have at least one former member who is no longer with us.

One of the groups to escape that fate so far has been, believe it or not, Black Sabbath. All four original members still are alive, and they plan a new album and tour.

At least, word is that they still do, even though word also has come out that guitarist Tony Iommi, who’s been with the band since it started as Earth in 1969, has lymphoma.

From – Steve Thorne/Redferns

Iommi never seems to make the lists of great rock guitarists, even though his influence extends to every heavy-metal axeman (and -woman) who followed. The riffs he developed are legendary: “Iron Man,” “NIB,” “Supernaut” and “Children of the Grave,” just to name a few of many.

Let’s hope Tony has a smooth recovery, whether the original Black Sabbath has the opportunity to tour again or not.